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AntiGravity Restorative

Quick Details


Restore, Realign, Relax

For a slower pace, take our Aerial Restorative Class where you’ll feel like you’re floating, cocooned by the silk hammock. Start with a soothing guided meditation in the hammock, where we’ll practice slow, focused breathing to bring you into a calm and mindful state. When your body and mind are fully relaxed, the instructor will guide you through an optional zero-compression inversion to decompress your spine, release tension, and relieve tight muscles. After the inversion, the hammocks are lowered to a few inches off the floor for a series of deep slow-flow stretching, focussed on the hips and low back.

Luxurious, rejuvenating, and light-hearted, our Aerial Restorative class is a great experience for all. This class is set to a relaxing soundtrack.


People sensitive to movement should consider taking something for motion sickness.