For the sake of flow & safety, we kindly ask that you respect the rules of the studio. 

Class Prep

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to sign a liability waiver and get measured into a hammock.

  • Latecomers not allowed. Please do not enter the studio if you are more than 10 minutes late as it disrupts the class for others.

  • Students must be registered before entering the studio.

  • Please turn off your cell phones.

Clothing and Possessions

  • Please wear Sleeves that cover shoulders. Tank tops not recommended.

  • Fitted leggings and bra support are recommended wear.

  • No shorts or pants with metal hardware (zippers, rivets).

  • Put your possessions into one of the cubbies in the classroom.

  • No Jewelry or hair clips as they could tear hammocks.

Gentle Suggestions

  • Dizziness: If you are prone to dizziness and you start to get dizzy get out of hammock and lie on floor until it subsides. This is normal for first timers and subsides in time.

  • Skin Pressure: If you find that the pressure of the hammock is challenging, consider bringing a towel as a pad or wearing neoprene shorts/belt. This “deep tissue massage” sensation will subside after a few classes.

Pre Class Play

  • Cocoon Pose or Backwrap stretches before class are okay.

  • Please refrain from Swinging/Inverting before class.

  • Please refrain from Flips & Tricks outside the context of class.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be made at least 8 hours before the start time

  • Cancellations are to be managed by phone or email 8 hours in advance

  • Call studio to cancel if no computer access

  • 8 hour cancellation window (loss of class if cancelled within 8 hours of start time)

Other Policies

  • No photos or videos during class.

  • No guests allowed in classroom without permission.

  • First timers suggested not to be placed in back row.

  • No shoes on floor. Please place in cubbies.


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