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Learn to Fly

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Decompress with an AntiGravity Class in Honolulu

Have you always dreamed of flying through the air? Are you ready to take your yoga and fitness practice to new heights? Then our Learn to Fly class is perfect for you. We cover all the key foundational techniques to enable you to feel comfortable, confident, and at home in your AntiGravity® Hammock!

Classes at The Hang Out are open to everyone – we’ve made it suitable for all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. In this 75-minute class, we safely take you from complete novice to confident flyer in just one class.

The Hang Out is the leading Aerial Fitness studio in Hawaii where you will be expertly led by our experienced instructors. Expect to feel relaxed, lengthened, and strengthened as you learn to fly and decompress the spine! Come experience the joy of flight with AntiGravity’s zero compression inversions – great for spinal health, flexibility, strength, mindfulness, and playfulness.